{Still World}

Come with me~I want to show you something 😈
Needn’t be afraid-
You have nothing I desire. 
Just take my hand-
I will show you-
*It’s about then we float higher* ✨
This is a safe place-
Just look at the lights-
Welcome to the “Still World.”
Where anything you wish-
Is at the palm of your hand. 
Telekinesis and more 😈
*A wave of your hand moves the clouds*
*A wave of mine-
Ripples the realm* 🌫
Your awe is touching to watch, my friend. 
But time is running out!
*We race through the sky* 🌌
You have no idea who I am. 
I did this just to see you smile. 
Find me here 🌌
If you come to “Still World” again-🌫
I think I might stay awhile. ✨

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