The Stink 💩

Slow to process-

Slow to speak-
Think, think, think-
Words Excrete. 
Putrid odor;
So to speak. 
Take it back-
It still reeks. 
Perfume the doom-
With pleasant toiletries. 
Eat the stink-

Or just brush your teeth.
Think, think, think. 
Before you speak. 

B. P. E…N. V. M. 🥀

It’s every day torture…

That I’m constantly misread. 
Sure; it could be a ‘bad day’-
Or it’s all in my head..
But I am judged at your will-
And raped by your words. 
Nerve damaged self esteem🥀
Sure. “It’s not like it hurts…”
Cordiality has bled,
From the verbal wound’s spurt. 
And Narcissistic Society;
Never minds its curse. 
Until Karma doctors in-
She’ll save us, once again. 
And when your suffering begins-
I’ll pray you get it the worst. 

Author’s Message:

Be nice to strangers. You just never know what someone else is dealing with behind a strong smile. Just as the stranger doesn’t know what you’re dealing with. It’s best to just “Pass Good Things (P.G.T).” Would you rather someone wish you to succeed? Or wish you to fail? It doesn’t matter if you care or not; or even if they’re a stranger. Energy is real. ✨

Empathy💉 (F. S.)

It is more than a mother’s love. 
It is more than a father’s son. 
When pigmented in maroon and blue-
I wish I could wash you off. 
Naturally, scar tissue is gorgeous-
Reminiscing, we can’t have it all. 
In Greed, thus, I would shield you;
Plus, cushion your every fall. 
Love’s tourniquet of wisdom-

Shall cradle your every call. 
Inject Vibrancy💉
Till your rivers run dry-
Let it heal, with natural cause. ✨


B. C. 🥉👤

I have a theory about ‘Death.’

Also known as “Unknown.”
I am not an expert, by any means-
But these are my experiences, alone. 
The last thing I saw, as I gave up on life-
Was my Grandma’s old bronze lamp. 
As it swirled away the rest of the light-
My entire world went black. 
The most quiet sleep, I had always craved-
Was suddenly- interrupted by a man? 
If I had a life-
He scared it back into me-
For right in my face- he would stand. 👤
As close as he was, analyzing me-
He had no face and no hands. 
Only because, he was right there so close-
Shoulder-length; was the sight that I had. 
Seconds would be eternity-
Misinterpreting, I would go home-
Until his neck started ripping-
Almost headless,
Only a sliver of skin; would hang on. 
It horrified me enough-
To launch me back; Into the Trial of Sleep. 
Then sitting right there, was my Mom-
Inconsolable, with her sea of weeps.  
I tried so hard to call to her-
And assure her that I was alright. 
Alas, she couldn’t hear me at all-
Because I chose to steal my life. 
The Trial of Sleep is blank space-
I am not worthy of, to remember. 
But my theory is-
During that time-
I was judged by the Almighty Savior. 
Now the ‘Walk of Shame’
Has a new name-
As I live on to make amends. 
But if you recall my story about that crow-
Then you also know how it ends. 🚪


Mr. Perfect 

I can never fully give my heart away; For I still dream of you today.

Once upon a time-
I met “Mr. Perfect”
All 90 pounds and four legs. 
I recall you ‘Clear as day.’
THAT- was “love-at-first-sight.”
Of all people there; he chose me-
Not that I put up a fight. 
Hours later, we walked together, then-
Ran across the street to a stop sign. 
If only we weren’t running so fast-
That was the first time I was clotheslined. 
“There he goes,” I say to myself. 
After all, he was only a pup. 
When I looked to my right-
He just had this look like:

“Umm… when are you gonna get up?”
Of course, all people would say-
“No, MY dog is the most pleasing.”
I wish I could tell you his every moment-
But I call him “Mr. Perfect” for a reason. 
Being the loner, I’m considered to be-
“Shadow” never left my side. 
I didn’t even mind giving up my bed-
Trust me, you couldn’t resist those eyes. 
Walks in the park- were MY favorite!
Together, we went down the slide. 
But do be warned-
What I’m about to tell you-
Will probably make you cry. 
Some odd, dramatic, pre-teen day-
Our duo, strolled again, to the park. 
In midst of all my crying and cooing-
He decided to steal my heart. 
I sat on a one person merry-go-round-
To which I had also tied his leash. 
He nudged, and kissed, and squeaked-
..And took hold of the leash with his teeth. 
I cannot wait to see “The Rainbow Bridge.”
For love’s sake; I pray it’s true. 
Since I can never repay “Mr. Perfect’s” love-
I’ve immortalized him through you. ✨

Darling Readers 🌹

My Darling Readers~ 🌹

It is nice to meet you. 😈 You may call me “Kay.”

First off- Thank you. I’ve had such positive feedback already; despite my spontaneous appearance. (9/19/17) And I’m here to stay 😈

Do not hesitate to comment or contact me- I will intrigue you.😈 I would be happy to answer your questions; should you ask them. But I’d also like to get to know YOU! What better way to start than a simple compliment- right? Perhaps I will do the same. 😈

“Magic Exists-

It is within you.”