B. C. πŸ₯‰πŸ‘€

I have a theory about ‘Death.’

Also known as “Unknown.”
I am not an expert, by any means-
But these are my experiences, alone. 
The last thing I saw, as I gave up on life-
Was my Grandma’s old bronze lamp. 
As it swirled away the rest of the light-
My entire world went black. 
The most quiet sleep, I had always craved-
Was suddenly- interrupted by a man? 
If I had a life-
He scared it back into me-
For right in my face- he would stand. πŸ‘€
As close as he was, analyzing me-
He had no face and no hands. 
Only because, he was right there so close-
Shoulder-length; was the sight that I had. 
Seconds would be eternity-
Misinterpreting, I would go home-
Until his neck started ripping-
Almost headless,
Only a sliver of skin; would hang on. 
It horrified me enough-
To launch me back; Into the Trial of Sleep. 
Then sitting right there, was my Mom-
Inconsolable, with her sea of weeps.  
I tried so hard to call to her-
And assure her that I was alright. 
Alas, she couldn’t hear me at all-
Because I chose to steal my life. 
The Trial of Sleep is blank space-
I am not worthy of, to remember. 
But my theory is-
During that time-
I was judged by the Almighty Savior. 
Now the ‘Walk of Shame’
Has a new name-
As I live on to make amends. 
But if you recall my story about that crow-
Then you also know how it ends. πŸšͺ


Open the Door πŸšͺ

He said, [“Quoth the Raven, Nevermore”]

But mine, did not make sound. 
I awake from rest on the couch-
To see him flapping around. 
It is an alarm!
It is Death!
It is Wisdom!
It is Change!
I did not see an entry-
No words which I could explain. 
I could’ve let him kill him-
My pup; who made the chase. 
But I chose to open the door;
To Free the crow-
From my confined space. 
Divine Punishment?
A warning at most?
Perhaps; for my darkest sin-
And though I let the crow out-
How in the world…
…Did he get in?

Darling Readers 🌹

My Darling Readers~ 🌹

It is nice to meet you. 😈 You may call me “Kay.”

First off- Thank you. I’ve had such positive feedback already; despite my spontaneous appearance. (9/19/17) And I’m here to stay 😈

Do not hesitate to comment or contact me- I will intrigue you.😈 I would be happy to answer your questions; should you ask them. But I’d also like to get to know YOU! What better way to start than a simple compliment- right? Perhaps I will do the same. 😈

“Magic Exists-

It is within you.” 


{Still World}

Come with me~I want to show you something 😈
Needn’t be afraid-
You have nothing I desire. 
Just take my hand-
I will show you-
*It’s about then we float higher* ✨
This is a safe place-
Just look at the lights-
Welcome to the “Still World.”
Where anything you wish-
Is at the palm of your hand. 
Telekinesis and more 😈
*A wave of your hand moves the clouds*
*A wave of mine-
Ripples the realm* 🌫
Your awe is touching to watch, my friend. 
But time is running out!
*We race through the sky* 🌌
You have no idea who I am. 
I did this just to see you smile. 
Find me here 🌌
If you come to “Still World” again-🌫
I think I might stay awhile. ✨

H. F. S. (Ranting of a Lunatic)

The Vision (H. F. S.)
I always believed I was meant for something bigger. 
(What is your legacy?)
I don’t know mine; but I know it’s there. 
Like completing a puzzle~
I solved it all. 
I did it. 
And it came to me in a dream~
(Though I was awake.)
An Epiphany; if you will. 
I taste metal. πŸ—

The Shadows will never go away. 
(I cannot be alone. Or they taunt.)
There’s nothing there. 
(I still jump.)
Yes I know. 
But what if?..
(Always turn around.)
People are crazy these days. 
You never know!
I did not lose reality-
As much as I live in it~
I couldn’t!
(Fulfill your destiny!)
If I took off my mask~
There is only one possible outcome.
One final destination. 
And that.. is not my destiny. 
(I’m smarter than that. )
But no one really knows~
I must put on the face to fit in.
It’s difficult. 
I am a Lady!
(And It’s not polite to scare people!)
So I tell the same stories. 
Fake a smile. 
Like a rehearsed line. 
I’ll never be an actress. 
(But I can role play?)
Life is like a game. 
I can’t look them in the eyes. 
Because they judge me.
(Or don’t care.)
Because I am no one to them. 
Sometimes I can hear people’s thoughts. 
(But I must be dreaming when awake. )
Is that day dreaming?
I mostly feel nothing. 
Or I feel something. 
So I focus on the now~
Also difficult. 
I’ve known happiness-
For the most part. 
But when I am enraged~
It doesn’t matter where~
It’s a movie I’d rather not be in. 
“Anxiety Anxiety” echoes in my head. 
Like a siren! 
I’ll grid my teeth~

I know my eyes give it away. 
“Permanent Bitch Face” I’ve been told I have.  
(Smile Permanent Bitch Face.)
I know. I’m trying. 
And then I wish I was somewhere else. 
Anywhere else. 
I wait for the moment I will completely snap. 
Whose going to take me on?
“Mind over Matter. Mind over Matter”
So I do not. 
Though I have beaten you to a pulp~
In my head. πŸŒ“
Even those who have never wronged me. 
(Or did they?)
But even if they did~
I probably won’t remember. 
Because every day is a new day! 
So what was the vision?
The climax of my horror movie. 
The ultimate psychological thriller. 
I am smart. I have always studied. 
But I’m
Constantly searching for answers!
People talk to themselves all the time. 
Sure. But I answer the thoughts aloud. 
When no one is around. 
Still sound normal? 
What do I talk about?
How my next day will go. 
If someone says this.. I will do this. 
If someone does this… I will do that. 
I know they talk about me. 
Everyone does.   
(Focus on the task at hand!) 
Then I forget. 
That does not make one crazy..
Sure. Have you forgotten the shadows?
The white dots? The faces?
The Darkness?
(They go away when he is there. But only when.)
“Younger Younger Younger” it repeats. 
What do you mean!?
I search through my memories. 
As far back as they could go. 

And then I remembered. 
Call it: a child’s imagination. 
But I remember now~
The places I used to go. 
The happy places. 
The anger. The jealousy. 
The rage. 
I locked it so far away..
I felt empathy. 
And as an intellectual, I ask~
Why do I do the things I do?
Why do I think the way I think? 
Why did I have those seizures?
Why did I have vertigo? 
Why would I faint?
My blood pressure can sometimes~
Be very low. For no reason. 
The doctors~ 
Could never find anything in my scans. 
My brain. 
Like a puzzle, I solved it all. 
Dad.. ?
“Kay.. he was sick.. Kay..he was sick..”
My mom says.. 10 years ago. 
My brother also heard the voices. 
I’m talking to myself. 
I’m talking to myself. 
Oh my god..
I begin to cry. 
I feel my Dad~
Comfort me. 
I know for a fact. 
I’m schizophrenic. ✨