The Stink 💩

Slow to process-

Slow to speak-
Think, think, think-
Words Excrete. 
Putrid odor;
So to speak. 
Take it back-
It still reeks. 
Perfume the doom-
With pleasant toiletries. 
Eat the stink-

Or just brush your teeth.
Think, think, think. 
Before you speak. 

C. O. A. S. (#10)💄

 You learn how to be perfect. Or at least, I think I did?
Though not perfect at all-
I grew more; to love my skin. 
Beyond makeup, perfume, 💄
And hairdo-
I revered the woman within. 
Always questioning my morale-
“I’m Sorry, What were you saying again?”💋

One Billion Debts â›°

It’s what pulls us off the edge-⛰

Undesired ankle weights. 
While hovering the shark tank-
Swimming pool of debts. 

Stranded by a heartstring,
Debating to let go,
Of anything you’re carrying-
Or the person that you owe. 

Would you shake them off?
Expedite their doom?
Go on and save yourself?
Or try and save them too?

Live with that you tried- 🌹
Or live with that you do. ⛰
Either way-
A billion debts to pay;
Which one do you choose?

Darling Readers 🌹

My Darling Readers~ 🌹

It is nice to meet you. 😈 You may call me “Kay.”

First off- Thank you. I’ve had such positive feedback already; despite my spontaneous appearance. (9/19/17) And I’m here to stay 😈

Do not hesitate to comment or contact me- I will intrigue you.😈 I would be happy to answer your questions; should you ask them. But I’d also like to get to know YOU! What better way to start than a simple compliment- right? Perhaps I will do the same. 😈

“Magic Exists-

It is within you.” 


C. O. A. S. (#4)

Who were you before you now?

I’ll tell you who I was. 
Last to raise my hand in class-
Things a ‘good girl’ does. 
I’d cry from every bully-
My eyes would trace the ground;
Carrying that stack of books-
Till someone knocked them down. 
I didn’t have real friends [at all]
And college never lasted-
4.5 GPA
But I guess I’ll keep on dancing? 💋