Mr. PerfectΒ 

I can never fully give my heart away; For I still dream of you today.

Once upon a time-
I met “Mr. Perfect”
All 90 pounds and four legs. 
I recall you ‘Clear as day.’
THAT- was “love-at-first-sight.”
Of all people there; he chose me-
Not that I put up a fight. 
Hours later, we walked together, then-
Ran across the street to a stop sign. 
If only we weren’t running so fast-
That was the first time I was clotheslined. 
“There he goes,” I say to myself. 
After all, he was only a pup. 
When I looked to my right-
He just had this look like:

“Umm… when are you gonna get up?”
Of course, all people would say-
“No, MY dog is the most pleasing.”
I wish I could tell you his every moment-
But I call him “Mr. Perfect” for a reason. 
Being the loner, I’m considered to be-
“Shadow” never left my side. 
I didn’t even mind giving up my bed-
Trust me, you couldn’t resist those eyes. 
Walks in the park- were MY favorite!
Together, we went down the slide. 
But do be warned-
What I’m about to tell you-
Will probably make you cry. 
Some odd, dramatic, pre-teen day-
Our duo, strolled again, to the park. 
In midst of all my crying and cooing-
He decided to steal my heart. 
I sat on a one person merry-go-round-
To which I had also tied his leash. 
He nudged, and kissed, and squeaked-
..And took hold of the leash with his teeth. 
I cannot wait to see “The Rainbow Bridge.”
For love’s sake; I pray it’s true. 
Since I can never repay “Mr. Perfect’s” love-
I’ve immortalized him through you. ✨

Darling Readers 🌹

My Darling Readers~ 🌹

It is nice to meet you. 😈 You may call me “Kay.”

First off- Thank you. I’ve had such positive feedback already; despite my spontaneous appearance. (9/19/17) And I’m here to stay 😈

Do not hesitate to comment or contact me- I will intrigue you.😈 I would be happy to answer your questions; should you ask them. But I’d also like to get to know YOU! What better way to start than a simple compliment- right? Perhaps I will do the same. 😈

“Magic Exists-

It is within you.” 


{Still World}

Come with me~I want to show you something 😈
Needn’t be afraid-
You have nothing I desire. 
Just take my hand-
I will show you-
*It’s about then we float higher* ✨
This is a safe place-
Just look at the lights-
Welcome to the “Still World.”
Where anything you wish-
Is at the palm of your hand. 
Telekinesis and more 😈
*A wave of your hand moves the clouds*
*A wave of mine-
Ripples the realm* 🌫
Your awe is touching to watch, my friend. 
But time is running out!
*We race through the sky* 🌌
You have no idea who I am. 
I did this just to see you smile. 
Find me here 🌌
If you come to “Still World” again-🌫
I think I might stay awhile. ✨