Darling Readers 🌹

My Darling Readers~ 🌹

It is nice to meet you. 😈 You may call me “Kay.”

First off- Thank you. I’ve had such positive feedback already; despite my spontaneous appearance. (9/19/17) And I’m here to stay 😈

Do not hesitate to comment or contact me- I will intrigue you.😈 I would be happy to answer your questions; should you ask them. But I’d also like to get to know YOU! What better way to start than a simple compliment- right? Perhaps I will do the same. 😈

“Magic Exists-

It is within you.” 


Sound of Keys 🗝

There you are lass..

Right on time. 🌒
Not a minute more-
Nor a second less. 
Look over your shoulder. 
Keep that light on your phone. 
The scent of your nervousness-
At last! We are alone. 
Perhaps you heard me?
The snap of danger on the breeze-
Keep looking through your purse my dear..
*I sneak up with the sound of keys* 🗝


Do You Want to Know Fear?

Do you want to know fear?
Fear is not finding purpose-

Before you become a statistic.
Living every day-
Only to be forgotten.
Starting anything-
You would never be able to finish.
The Unknown.
He could be around the corner right now.
Waiting to take our lives.
Then you are a statistic.
Before you found purpose-
Darkness found you.
Dark Matter fills the universe.
Think about it.
There is so little light.
So we must find our light-
Before the Darkness finds you.